Thanks to support over the last two years from:

Our Forth Against Unconventional Gas, Unite Scottish Construction/164/404 Branch, SNP Trade Union Group, Campaign Against the Arms Trade (Edinburgh), Fife Trades Union Council, Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh, Aberdeen Trades Union Council, Edinburgh Trades Union Council, Midlothian Trades Union Council, Dalkeith UCATT, UCU Edinburgh, UCU Scotland.

Founding Sponsors – all in a personal capacity

Stuart Hume, Unite Scotland Construction RISC

Joe Pisani, Unite steward and Unite Executive, Balfour Beattie, Rosyth Dockyard

Greig McArthur, Unite shop steward/safety rep, Amey Power Services HV Energy Networks

Raymond Morrell, Unite, Senior Rep Aerospace and Shipbuilding Sector

Graeme Ewart, Unite Rep GE Caledonian

Craig Lundie, PCS, Equalities officer East Kilbride Revenue & Customs

Graham Campbell, SNP Trade Union Group Treasurer

Susan Dorazio, IWW

Amy Gilligan, UCU, Geophysicist

Eileen Cook, EIS, Environmental Economist

Brian Parkin, Senior Research Fellow Energy Economics

Willie Black, Unite, Poverty Campaigner

Pete Cannell, UCU


Muslim Womens Association Edinburgh (reg charity)

Individuals (in personal capacity)

Callum Macleod

Dave Sherry, Unite

Eric Chester, Unite

Bruce Heil, UCU

Dr Robert Eric Swanepoel