Conferences 2018 and 2019

Climate Jobs Manifesto 2018

On the 17th November 2018 Scot.E3 held its first conference – Just Transitions: Employment, Energy and Environment.  Around fifty people attended and contributors to the plenary sessions included Jonathan Neale (Campaign Against Climate change and coauthor of the Million Climate Jobs pamphlet), Andrew Feinstein (author, filmmaker and CAAT), Fliss Premu (REEL news) Hazel Graham (Cumbrian climate activist) and Brian Parkin (Scot.E3).  The conference was supported by Our Forth Against Unconventional Gas, Unite Scottish Construction/164/404 Branch, SNP Trade Union Group, Campaign Against the Arms Trade (Edinburgh), Fife Trades Union Council, Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh, Aberdeen Trades Union Council, Edinburgh Trades Union Council, Midlothian Trades Union Council and Dalkeith UCATT.

Videos of all the plenary contributions to the conference can be found on the blog.

Throughout the day participants worked on ideas for a Climate Jobs Manifesto.  The Manifesto is a working document – we know it’s not the last word – but it outlines what the conference believed needs to happen if we are to make a rapid and just transition towards a zero carbon economy.  The Manifesto is downloadable as a PDF and as an editable Word document and is openly licensed CC BY 4.0  This means that provided you work within the terms of the license you can download it, use, reprint, modify and share.

What we’d like you to do

If you are a member of a trade union, community group or political party please discuss the Manifesto at a meeting.  If you have amendments, additions, questions or disagreements please note them down and email them to us at

Conference 2019

Our 2019 conference was titled: Just Transition – thinking global, acting local.  It took place all day on Saturday 16th November at the St Ninian’s Hall, Greyfriars Charteris Centre, 138-140 The Pleasance, Edinburgh.   Check out the programme here.

During the day REELNews showed footage of Climate Rebels in US working class and indigenous communities.  Speakers included Simon Pirani, Clara Paillard, Mary Church, Davie Brockett and Eurig Scandrett (UCU Scotland).  There were lots of opportunities for discussion and debate and throughout the day there were workshop sessions with parallel themes:

  • Phasing out oil and gas
  • Taking the case for climate jobs into the unions
  • How we make just transition a practical and strategic part of the climate movement
  • Defence divestment and its importance to transition
  • Housing, health and fuel poverty

The 2019 conference was sponsored/supported financially by Unite/UCATT Dalkeith, Unite Scottish Construction/164/404 Branch, Edinburgh Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh, Midlothian Trades Council, Edinburgh University UCU and UCU Scotland.

The first plenary session of the conference saw Shaun Dey from REEL News present a sequence of film clips ‘American Climate Rebels’.  Read the report here.



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