Upcoming event

All our events at present are being held online on Zoom. If you haven’t used Zoom before – here’s a a link to a short guide to how to access a meeting.


Scot.E3 Open Meeting and AGM

At 4pm on Thursday 14th January we’ll have the first Scot.E3 meeting of 2021 which will also be our AGM.  The formal AGM will only take up a small part of the meeting. We’ll then spend time planning for the new year. More details to follow – in the meantime you can register to get a Zoom link sent to your email.

Divest Glasgow Now!

January 1st to January 15th – organised by Divest Strathclyde, Glasgow Calls Out Polluters and Extinction Rebellion Glasgow.

This is a continuation of our previous online event. Time runs out for taking part in the survey and helping to make Glasgow fossil-free. Read on to find out how. Glasgow City Council declared a Climate Emergency in May 2019 and it has now produced its Climate Emergency Implementation Plan (CEIP) – which is based on the recommendations of the Climate Emergency Working Group (which Divest Strathclyde, @Extinction Rebellion Glasgow , @Get Glasgow Moving, Climate Strikers and other groups took part in) , the Climate Change Committee (UK advisory body) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Action 45 from the Climate Emergency Implementation Plan – ‘All pension fund investors in the city to develop a strategy for divestment from the fossil fuel industry.’ is a major step in the right direction, recognising the importance of divestment as a response to the climate emergency as well as the role Glasgow council can play in promoting this. However, THIS ACTION NEEDS STRENGTHENING WITH A PLAN TO DIVEST STRATHCLYDE PENSION FUND STARTING IMMEDIATELY AND ACHIEVING FULL DIVESTMENT BY 2025 OR EARLIER.
The Council is now consulting citizens on its plan; this consultation closes on the 17th January 2021 . You can take part in this here – and please give your support to the section which includes Action 45 (see ‘Green Recovery’) and add that it needs strengthening as above. Below we explain why we need a plan to Divest Glasgow, feel free to copy and paste from this to put in your response where there is space to do so. Please also write to your Councillors and ask them to Support and strengthen Action 45. You can use to email them.

  1. Fossil fuels are driving the climate crisis.
  2. Most oil and gas must stay in the ground
  3. Engagement with fossil fuel companies is not working
  4. Fossil fuels are no longer safe investments
  5. For climate justice : to show solidarity with those on the frontline of climate impacts
  6. To show climate leadership as host of COP26
  7. To reinvest in climate solutions


Some Scot.E3 activists have been in involved in organising a series of meetings under the heading Economics for Activists:

Session 2 with Richard Murphy

7.30 pm Tuesday 12 January, online


In our second look at some of the key economic questions which activists need to understand better, Richard Murphy, an acknowledged expert on taxation, will talk about government funding, concentrating on how to fund state activity using modern monetary theory as a base.

Richard is a chartered accountant and a political economist. Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University, London and Director of Tax Research UK, Richard was a co-founder of the Tax Justice Network and Green New Deal, as well as the Fair Tax Mark. He is the founder-director of the Corporate Accountability Network. You can read more about him, and by him at


Beth Stratford on Economics with Environmental Limits

7.30 pm Tuesday 28 January


Laurie Macfarlane’s presentation from Session 1

You can watch and hear Laurie Macfarlane’s presentation in our first session on 15 December on YouTube