Upcoming events

Most Scot.E3 meetings at present are being held online on Zoom. If you haven’t used Zoom before – here’s a a link to a short guide to how to access a meeting.


Protest BP Greenwashing – Wednesday 1st December 5pm at the Scottish Parliament

BP are being allowed to speak at the Scottish Parliament in another cynical “Greenwashing” event.
BP is one of the biggest climate criminals on this planet. For years they have denied climate change, blocked carbon reductions. Now they propose false “solutions” like Carbon Capture so that they can continue business as normal. 

In May, the International Energy Agency said that to stay within safe climate limits, there can be no new oil, gas or coal developments. 

Join the protest at Parliament saying the Scottish Government should not be hosting the climate criminals.”

Post COP discussion – Saturday 4th December

Friends of the Earth Scotland, Tripod and the COP26 Coalition are holding a post-COP26 climate justice gathering, in Glasgow on the 4th of December. They’ve organised the event as a space for groups and individuals to come together and reflect on the activities during COP, as well as enjoying good food and performances. They will also be holding a gathering on the 22nd of January, as a space to look forward and plan for the future of the movement. We’d love it if some representatives from your group are able to join. There’s more details and the link to register here.

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