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Tuesday 27th July: 6.30pm – 8pm

Edinburgh TUC meeting on retrofitting

This meeting will consider launching a Retrofitting Campaign for Edinburgh. It is part of the strategy to reverse climate change.The idea is that older houses would be refurbished or ‘retrofitted’ to make them more energy efficient. This means that houses are warmer and healthier. Being less expensive to heat they not only save tenants money but use less electricity. Retrofitting can be done by the City of Edinburgh Council to improve Council houses. Grants can be made available to private sector landlords. We will have to campaign to make the resources available. We will have to ensure that skilled workers are available to actually do the work.
The speakers, who will lead off discussion, are:
Ellen Robottom, Leeds Trade Union Council;Linda Clarke, University of Westminister;Stuart Graham, Glasgow Trades union Council;Maria Torres Quevedo, Living Rent.

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Meeting ID: 889 8000 7797. Passcode: 494488