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Most Scot.E3 meetings at present are being held online on Zoom. If you haven’t used Zoom before – here’s a a link to a short guide to how to access a meeting.


Friday 8th April 4.30pm – ScotE3 organising meeting

The main item on the agenda will be organising for our stall at the STUC congress in Aberdeen (25th – 27th April). The discussion will be about the content of the leaflets we’ll produce – and your ideas and participation in this would be welcome – the meeting is not just for those who will be attending the Congress. Register for the meeting here.

Tuesday 19th April 6.30pm – Edinburgh TUC meeting

Edinburgh TUC is convening a Zoom meeting on Tuesday 19th April at 6.30pm to 8 pm.The purpose of the meeting is to encourage Edinburgh trade union organisations to affiliate and support the Edinburgh Climate Coalition (ECC). Edinburgh TUC is affiliated to ECC and worked closely with its predecessor, the Edinburgh COP 26 coalition, to mobilise people from Edinburgh to attend the big Glasgow demonstration. We hope that local trade union organisations will consider supporting the ECC and send delegates to the meeting.

There will be three speakers to i produce discussion: Luke Henderson – chair of ECC, Alan Munro – Divesting Pension Funds, Des Loughney – Climate Change and trade union policies.

Wednesday 20th April 7.30pm – Oil and gas are costing the Earth

Hear about the alternative to price rises, soaring profits and climate change

Ryan Morrison, Just Transition Campaigner, Friends of the Earth Scotland
Suzanne Jeffrey, Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group
Michael O’Brien, Citizens Advice Scotland

Register at and get a Zoom link for the meeting sent to your email address

Massive gas price hikes mean that millions are facing rising fuel poverty and, for some, the choice between keeping warm or eating. Meanwhile the oil and gas companies are raking in record profits. The government continues to shower them with cash subsidies and takes just a token amount off the bills of ordinary people.

With the impact of war on Ukraine on Russian supplies, the UK government and the oil companies want new oil and gas brought on stream rather than tackle our dependence on fossil fuels. This is a disastrous policy – it won’t work in the short-term, and it’s a route to climate destruction in the long-term.

We need a radically different approach, now:

• Tax the profits and use this to cut fuel bills
• Invest in renewables, house insulation, energy efficiency and free public transport.
• Start to take public control of the energy sector so that it can be rationally planned to meet human need and protect the planet. 

Monday 25th April – Wednesday 27th April

ScotE3 stall at the STUC Congress, the Music Hall, Union Street, Aberdeen

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