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These links to reports, articles and books are all ones which we have found useful.  We welcome recommendations for additions and short reviews of the content of any of them.  Please let us know if any of the links become broken.

This report considers the challenges of transition, and the extent to which existing policies measure up, by considering in detail the cases of the USA and Thailand.  Report includes an extensive list of references to further material on the topic.

A critical look at economic growth

Blaming all of humanity for climate change lets capitalism off the hook.


Report from the Stay Grounded Collective

Jet Zero and the politics of techno fix – Gareth Dale and Josh Moos

Jet Zero: a one way ticket to climate hell – Gareth Dale and Josh Moos


Podcast: Capitalism and Climate Breakdown with Gareth Dale also available in shorter text form here.

“To Halt Climate Change, We Need an Ecological Leninism” A Jacobin interview with Andreas Malm

The faulty science, doomism, and flawed conclusions of Deep Adaptation

The authors argue that the claim that runaway climate change has made societal collapse inevitable is not only wrong – it undermines the cause of the climate movement.

Net Zero

A video by Simon Pirani on why net zero is a fraud

A critical look at Net Zero: Good Slogan, Dodgy Target. Lots of governments, corporations and NGOs are getting very excited about “net-zero” right now – but what does it really mean, and is it as good as it sounds? 

Carbon Pricing – a briefing document from Trade Unions for Energy Democracy


Power, workers and the fight for climate justice – in an article in the journal Midnight Sun Tara Olivetree looks at how we can build the power to win – written in the Canadian context but contains some very useful arguments and ideas

Direct Our Capture:

Paper by Malm and Carton – Seize the Means of Carbon Removal: The Political Economy of Direct Air Capture

Review of The New Climate War: the fight to take back our planet, by Michael E. Mann (London: Scribe Publications, 2021). By Simon Pirani


Potential and risks of hydrogen-based e-fuels in climate change mitigation

Falko Ueckerdt, Christian Bauer, Alois Dirnaichner, Jordan Everall, Romain Sacchi & Gunnar Luderer 

Nature Climate Change, volume 11, pages 384–393 (2021)

Decoding the Hype Behind the Natural Gas Industry’s Hydrogen Push

DeSmog takes a critical look at the burgeoning new fuel — and debunks some of the myths surrounding it


Decarbonising Steel Production

Coal in Steel – problems and solutions – a report by the Coal Action Network


Glasgow TUC article on this site 

Video of Edinburgh TUC retrofitting meeting

Leeds TUC resources

Nuclear Power

Ten reasons climate activists should not support nuclear by Simon Butler


Green Capitalism – the God that failed by Richard Smith -World Economics Association Book Series, Volume 5. Available for download as a PDF.

Fight the Fire – green new deals and global climate jobs by Jonathan Neale

The Ecologist has published the digital version of Fight the Fire for free so that it is accessible to all. Click on this link to download a PDF or ebook from the Ecologist website.

Bus Transport

Thanks to Dorothy from Study Haven in the US for this article on how bus transit reduces carbon emission

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