Photo report – RMT protest

Transport workers, members of the RMT working for ScotRail and Calmac Ferries protested outside Bute House – the first minister’s official residence today. Several speakers stressed that cutting more than 300 services and closing ticket offices at many stations is unacceptable and particularly so only two months after politicians at COP26 were pledging to tackle the climate crisis. Trains and ferries are an essential part of Scotland’s transport infrastructure and critical to a zero carbon future.

2 thoughts on “Photo report – RMT protest”

  1. Those banners etc must have cost a lot, who pays for those? Genuuine question.

    You do know that without FULL FISCAL powers the Scottish government has their hands tied in what they can invest in, don’t you. I remember when Labour branch office (HQ in London), had ten yaers in power at Holyropod and they sent £1.5BILLION BACK TO WESTMINSTER saying, ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’. Then they plunged Scottish councils into £BILLIONS of ‘debt’ via their PFI schem (scam). LABOUR are in COALITION with the actual TORIES in 9 COUNCILS ACROSS SCOTLAND even though the SNP won a majority of seats in most of them. Oh and Jack McConnell was rewarded with a seat at the HOL’s is paid £300 a day for keeping Scotland poor while WM and the EngGov continued to spihon away Scotland’s massive oi; wealth!!!!!

    Scotland is well aware of what a BritNat party did and would do to Scotland if theye ever get near the levers of power again, the people of Scotland see Labour for what they are red Tories. NO THANKS.

    PS. Had any BritNat party been at the helm past decade there would be NO new Forth ROAD bridge, essential to Scotland’s infrastructure, there wouold be NO borders railway.
    There would though be prescription charges, privatised water, a Scottiish NHS on it’s knees and Scotland would agian be a basket case it really would.

    You should direct your protest at the wrong damn government. GO TO LONDON and stand outside no.10! That’s where the cuts to services, health, and social care and jobs etc are coming from!!!!


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