Carbon Capture – video

Jess Cowell from Friends of the Earth Scotland introduced a discussion on Carbon Capture and Storage at a Scot.E3 public meeting on Friday 18th June.

Thanks to Sally from Biofuels Watch for these useful links:

1) Drax admits to environmental campaigners that its carbon capture and storage claims are not based on real world evidence:

2) Written responses from Drax to environmental campaigners during Drax’s BECCS public consultation in March which reveal that Drax’s “BECCS assumptions are not based on trials” & its BECCS pilot project with C-Capture was not using ‘proven technology’:

3) Conflict of interest concerns over Rebecca Heaton’s role at Drax and her membership of the Climate Change Committee which is advising the UK Government on BECCS policy:

4) Why BECCS is a false climate solution:

You can download the Scot.E3 briefing on Bio Energy with Carbon Capture and storage from this sites resources page.

Andreas Malm and Wim Carton have also published an interesting paper on the political economy of carbon capture. You can download it here.

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