Solidarity with Chile! System change not climate change

The COP 25 talks began in Madrid on Monday this week.  Originally scheduled for Chile the conference was transferred to Spain as millions took to the streets in Chile to protest against the high cost of living, privatisation and inequality.

These United Nations meetings (COP = conference of the parties) have taken place annually since the first summit in 1995.  On a number of occasions the COP meetings have set specific targets for reducing green house gas emissions.  None of these targets have been met; on the contrary there has been a huge rise.  The two most common greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide and methane.  In the 25 years since the Berlin summit atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have risen by 67 parts per million by volume (ppmv).  This is a bigger increase than took place in the previous 200 years.  Methane levels have tripled since the Berlin summit.

There are two solidarity events taking place this Friday evening (6th December):

In Edinburgh a human chain in Princes Street – assembling at the Usher Hall in Lothian Road at 5.30pm.  More details on Facebook 

and Glasgow 17:30-18:30  Buchanan Street Steps, Facebook for more details


Image by Pete Cannell, Flickr COP 22 Paris, 2015

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