Global climate action

Brilliant turn out for the marches in Scotland and around the world.  Twenty thousand in Edinburgh, at least ten thousand  in Glasgow and locations all over the country.  Please send in photos, videos and reports to and we’ll add to this post.


Some more photos from the Edinburgh March

Sept 20 Climate Strike

Mike from Glasgow writes:

Upwards of 10,000 of us marched from Kelvingrove to George Square today – an indistinguishable mix of school students, workers, trade unions, college students, college lecturers, families with young children, environmentalists, socialists – inspired by the Indian summer day, the leadership of the school strikers, and the common cause.

“What did your headteacher say to you about the strike?” I asked a group of kids from Moodiesburn. “He told us not to go, so we came anyway – sod them.”

As we passed the bottom end of Scott Street we got a big and colourful welcome from a throng of Art School students , ramped up the steep slope above us, protesting loudly for Climate Justice.

From behind us the loud rhythms of the Sambayamba Youth Street-Band – fronted by five trombones, the band leader playing his trombone while walking backwards – kept us going and dancing.

Placards abounded – diverse in their messages yet all under one banner, as it were.

“We’d be in school if you listened”

“Mourning the loss of our future” (In bold black against a white ground)

“Fuck the Government”

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”

“The seas are rising, so are we”

“Scrap Trident, fund climate”

“Climate refugees welcome”

“Solidarity with indigenous protectors”

“End domestic flights now”

“Don’t streak, strike”

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light”

“Why did you let it happen, papa?”

And YES! “Climate change is a class issue”

Hoisted highest of all, the Palestinian flag.

This was a magnificent action, providing a solid base across the globe, that we must collectively build on without delay.

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