REEL News at Scot.E3 conference

Shaun Dey from REEL News will introduce the first session at the Scot.E3 conference on 16th November in Edinburgh In 2018. Reel News went on a 14 week tour of North America to look at grassroots struggles around climate change, particularly struggles around a “just transition” from fossil fuels to renewable energy, where workers and communities control the process so that they benefit from the transition, and around “just recovery” – recovery from extreme weather events which do not exacerbate current inequalities. Shaun will introduce video clips from a range of inspiring struggles by unions, indigenous communities and people of colour in the US as a starter for the discussion and debate for the rest of the day.

Find out more about the conference here.  Book for the conference on Eventbrite and email if you want to book one or more crèche places.

Here’s one of the longer videos from REEL News’ American Climate Rebels series



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